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slowly son, enjoy it…

The guy was well on, put his hand under her blouse, and then she said «slowly son, enjoy it, that you did not rehearse yesterday with your girlfriend?» Said the guy, «yes mommy but just let me very hot click Alejandra ”.

I saw then the face of the pope, with a perverted smile that they did not see, enjoying the scene, and continuing with his work of fingering the woman and caressing their beautiful and white thighs.

I know that I have always been called by sex since I was a child, and I have had sex with parents and children, or mom and daughter, but this combination had not touched me, and in public also; my sex was dripping …

I saw then that in a moment, the two of them with discretion removed their cock from their pants, put one on as a jacket to hide, although as people were very mixed in the movie with their “3-d” lenses they did not notice this , besides being apart.


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